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Roots of Resilience: Land Policy for an Agroecological Transition in Europe

27 February 2021

This policy report is published by the Nyéléni Europe and Central Asia platform for Food Sovereignty, the European food sovereignty movement, to set out the vision and strategy of the partnership for securing access to land for peasant, small-scale and agroecological farming systems in Europe. It aims to contribute to a wider policy debate on improving national and EU policy frameworks, which favour access to land for agroecology, based on field-based experience and sound research.

Through clear, innovative policy proposals, the report aims to support policy-makers at all levels to ensure access to land for those actors who will play a key role in the EU’s transition under the European Green Deal, connecting communities to ensure a better-balanced European society, more sustainable food production and helping to tackle some of the most pressing social and environmental concerns of today.

Analyze how a better access to land is possible by downloading the full pdf report.

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