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Our Trade working group looks to build an alternative to international trade relations, based on food sovereignty and contributing to the struggle against the negative impacts of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and free-trade related policies.

The working group’s activities consist of virtual meetings, in-person meetings and mobilisations and actions, depending on the political landscape within Europe and internationally. The Trade working group is also heavily involved with La Via Campesina’s Trade Collective. This is particularly important given the international nature of the WTO, FTAs and other trade policies.

Contact information

Coordinating committee members

Andoni Garcia Arriola


Morgan Ody


Pierre Maison



Staff support

Key objectives

  1. Fight for remunerative prices for farmers through market regulation.
  2. Follow up on the different pieces of national legislation on market regulation to ensure fair remuneration to farmers.
  3. Denounce the impact of Global Trade Agreements on a worldwide scale.
  4. Denounce Carbon Market mechanisms as a false solution.
  5. Coordinate members’ exchanges on building up fair and sustainable local markets.

Latest activity: Trade

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