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CAP – the Common Agricultural Policy

We firmly support the original objectives that underpinned the Common Agricultural Policy in 1962, which were meant to ensure enough quality food for all and provide decent incomes and living standards and fair prices for farmers.

Unfortunately, over the past 60 years, the institutions have categorically failed to implement the necessary measures to meet these objectives. Instead, market regulation mechanisms have been weakened to the point of near non-existence, healthy, fresh, and local food is inaccessible for many citizens and the number of farms in EU-27 declined by 32% between 2003 and 2016 from about 15 to 10 million. In addition, around 80% of CAP subsidies go to just 20% of EU farms, encouraging large-scale industrial production and land concentration.

We, as peasant farmers, therefore demand true, systemic change in the CAP, to prioritise support for small and medium-scale farmers and to bring about an agroecological transition in the EU agricultural model.

Key objectives

  1. Improve the income of farmers and guarantee fair prices through market regulation measures.
  2. Implement subsidy capping and redistribute CAP subsidies to allow farmers to transition to agroecological, environmentally friendly farming systems.
  3. Provide sufficient support for new entrants to meet Europe’s need for more farmers.
  4. Apply social conditionality to ensure the rights of rural and agricultural workers are respected, in line with the UNDROP.
  5. Ensure the CAP is coherent with other EU public policy and fit for purpose to achieve broader policy objectives.