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Rural workers and migration

We believe that there is no justification for the violation of agricultural workers’ rights and demand changes to European and national policies to guarantee fair incomes for food producers and migrant and agricultural workers, as well as respect for and protection of their rights.

In rural Europe, extreme working conditions, including cases of modern-day slavery, are a structural issue. The promotion of industrial farming and the deregulation of agricultural markets has given rise to an increasing number of agricultural wageworkers, while at the same time the number of small and medium-scale farmers has been drastically decreasing. These workers are often migrants (internal and external to the EU) forced to accept exploitative working conditions due to specific regulations imposing controls and discrimination on foreigners.

For us, it is inconceivable to accept such violations of labour and social rights, and all the more so to finance these practices through inappropriately distributed CAP subsidies. The inclusion of social conditionality within the CAP was a positive step, but we believe that a strict and immediate implementation of this conditionality in line with the UNDROP is essential for real progress.

Key objectives

  1. Decent working conditions and decent incomes for all people working in rural areas, in line with the Declaration of Peasant Rights, including for salaried workers.
  2. Obligatory, strict and immediate implementation of the CAP social conditionality.
  3. The revision and improvement of the European Directives on the displacement of workers in the EU, the situation of seasonal workers from outside the EU, intermediary companies, and transparent and predictable working conditions, as well as those referring to the rights and freedoms of immigrants and refugees, ensuring regularisation mechanisms.
  4. Application of national, European and international regulations such as: ILO Conventions, European Social Charter, CFSP, International Convention on the Protection of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families of December 18, 1990, Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees of July 28, 1951, UNDROP.
  5. Establishment of a European Observatory on the situation of rural workers with the aim of coordinating labour inspections and ensuring respect of social and economic rights.
  6. Respect of the rights of all rural workers regardless of their origin, level of stability, or administrative situation, and specifically of their right of representation and participation.

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