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Peasant agroecology

Our Peasant Agroecology working group coordinates action among our members in order to scale up peasant agroecology through farmer-to-farmer exchange and political work to promote agroecological production. The working group’s activities are coordinated with and linked to that of our other working groups, such as work on seeds, youth, women, public policies, and trade.

One of the working group’s main objectives is to work towards adequate policies and policy integration on peasant agroecology to bring about a better transition, with a greater number of small and medium-scale farmers, in order to achieve food sovereignty.

The working group’s activities consist of virtual meetings, in-person meetings and mobilisations and actions, depending on the political landscape within Europe and internationally. Our working group is also heavily involved with the LVC Collective on Agroecology, Seeds and Biodiversity.

The Peasant Agroecology working group also coordinates the European Agroecology Knowledge Exchange (EAKEN). EAKEN is a network that aims to link up initiatives for peasant-to-peasant agroecological knowledge exchange in Europe. EAKEN’s objective is to connect grassroots educational initiatives, provide visibility and access to available peer-to-peer training, and promote agroecology and food sovereignty in Europe.

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Key objectives

  1. Incorporate agroecology principles at different levels and layers of EU and international legislation and policy, in order to influence key policy processes such as the Sustainable Food Systems Law, the long-term vision for rural areas, and carbon farming-related initiatives.
  2. Develop and strengthen agroecology and peasant farmers’ processes through exchange.
  3. Encourage a transition to agroecology by reducing the use of pesticides and defending the use of material from the farmers’ seed system.