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Global governance

Many European, national and local regulations are an implementation of international law. This is why we have a specific working group dedicated to international legislative processes affecting agriculture.

The working group aims to ensure that the voice of peasant farmers and farm workers is heard in the international arena, facilitated by our membership of the broader international peasant movement La Via Campesina. We are also involved in international processes through other networks such as Nyéléni-ECA, the international Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty and the Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism (CSM) for relations with the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS).

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Coordinating committee members

Morgan Ody


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Key objectives

  1. Coordinate European peasants’ participation in international work and within international networks such as La Via Campesina.
  2. For food sovereignty, peasants’ rights and agroecology to be recognised as an essential element, and to bring about a holistic vision in food governance spaces such as FAO, IFAD, CFS, CBD, ITPGRFA, UNCCC, UNHRC, UNDFF; explore links to other intergovernmental bodies.
  3. Hold the EU accountable for its international commitments.

Latest activity: Global governance