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Video report : An Introductory Training in Agroecology

29 November 2022

As one of the partners of the Agroecology for Europe (AE4EU) project, we at ECVC have developed three training programmes for agroecology with the support of Toekomstboeren in the Netherlands, Land Workers’ Alliance (LWA) in the UK and FADEAR / ‘Initiatives Paysannes’ in France based on the identified training needs and by bringing together the experiences in different countries. All three trainings have received funding from H2020 “Agroecology for Europe” project.

Trainings were designed to reflect the Nyeleni Declaration on learning in agroecology and also the vision of ECVC of Peasant agroecology.

LWA, on 30-31 May 2022, organised a training introducing agroecological approaches to developing farm and food systems that combine food production, environmental public goods, financial viability, and climate resilience. You will see the video produced during the training above. The training has been designed for those working with the land (farmers, growers, graziers, and new entrants), those who market, process or purchase food, and those who are engaged with farming, food research and policy making. The training aimed to link agroecological principles with farming practices and processes that reduce reliance on external inputs and support the transformation of farming and food systems. The training also aimed to develop a firm understanding of agroecological principles and practices which can be used to analyze farming challenges and begin developing agroecological solutions to overcome them. Throughout the two days participants:

  • Explored various definitions and principles of agroecology
  • Considered how agroecological farming practices can help achieve objectives on farms
  • Gained skills in systems thinking to analyze farming problems and imagine solutions
  • Witnessed agroecological practices and systems in action at FarmED and Conygree Farm & Cotswold Market Garden
  • Learned the importance and subtleties of the social and political dimensions of agroecology

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