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Nyeleni European Forum for Food Sovereignty in Krems from the 16th to 21st of August 2011

26 July 2011

Press Invitation

Press release Brussels 21st of July 2011 The Nyeleni European Forum for Food Sovereignty will take place in Krems in Austria from the 16th to 21st of August 2011 10 years after the G8 Summit held in Genoa – Italy – and the mass demonstrations brutally repressed to inhibit the voice of social movements, civil society organizations are meeting again in Genoa to renew their agenda and commitment. Republicization of water, centrality of labor, commons, ban of speculative maneuvers, food as a fundamental human right are among the key requests and areas of common action in Italy and abroad. The very same agenda as proposed for discussion during the Nyeleni European Forum for Food Sovereignty. In a month time, from August 16th to 21st, 600 people will gather in Krems – Austria – from more than 40 European countries to articulate a regional plan for food sovereignty based on the very rights of people, the potential and the constraints of European territories, the need to cool the planet and to restore ecological services. “After the landmark victory in the referendum that certified the public and non-privatizable nature of water and the unsuitability of nuclear plants in Italy, social movements are now building a bridge from Genoa to Krems to enable stronger alliances and to identify common paths for more social oriented and climate friendly food systems”, says Luca Colombo, member of the Italian Committee for Food Sovereignty and national focal point for the Nyeleni Forum. “European farmers and other civil society organizations are showing competence, willingness and credibility to work on new food and agriculture practices and policies and to call for their adoption, in solidarity with extra-European regions and people. It’s time for food sovereignty to respond to converging requests of food producers and consumers, in any region and nation of the world”, adds Genevieve Savigny, member of the Coordinating Committee of the European Coordination Via Campesina. The Forum will be articulated in plenary and working group meetings enabling participants to fully contribute. The thematic discussion will be focused on emerging issues that will enable European and overseas people to achieve food sovereignty. The following five thematic areas will be covered : 1: Models of production (agro-ecology, energy, climate, GMOs, protein dependency, biodiversity...) 2: Markets/organization of food chains and food webs (corporate domination in the food chain, local markets, food speculation, transparency, criminalization, solidarity,...) 3: Conditions of work/social aspects (agricultural and migrant workers, income, health, access to food, …) 4: Access to land and other resources (installation, renewal, financing, water, seeds...) 5: Public policies (CAP and rural development, fishery policies, energy, trade, etc ...). The opening ceremony of the Forum is scheduled for August 16th in the afternoon during the first plenary session. Further to the thematic and constituency sessions, on Friday 19th field visits, market of ideas and a cultural program will enrich the Forum. Sunday 21st in the morning the Nyeleni Forum will adopt its Final Declaration and Action Agenda. To participate in the Forum please send an email to: marzia.rezzin@eurovia.org For more information on the Forum please visit : www.nyeleni2011.net

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