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Día Internacional de las Luchas Campesinas

7 abril 2021

El 17 de abril es el Día Internacional de las Luchas Campesinas y este año hemos organizado una campaña durante toda la semana para exigir que "Europa necesita más campesinxs".

El Día Internacional de las Luchas Campesinas, y un importante día de mobilización para ECVC y LVC se acerca rápidamente. En esta ocasión, estamos organizando una campaña a lo largo de toda la semana con el tema: "Europa necesita más campesinxs". Más abajo podéis acceder a toda la información sobre la campaña, así como información importante sobre cómo firmar una carta abierta, que mandaremos a la Comisión Europea el 16 de marzo.   A continuación podéis encontrar un resumen de las actividades que estamos planeando:   Todo el material de ECVC para las mobilizaciones del 17 de abril estará disponible en este dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a3aewdmhxdi7h8h/AADH5GQZNpDPG4noicnAOO4La?dl=0

  • An open letter to the institutions – This will be sent on 16 April to the European Commission. We will share with members in early April, so it can be adapted for local and national purposes if you wish. We will also ask allies and academics for signatures.
  • 4 infographics for the wider public on climate, land, seeds and food sovereignty. We will release one per day along with topical materials on social media. This will be shared in advance.
  • Dissemination of existing materials from ECVC and members – We are gathering reports, videos, studies, position papers, ECVC documents related to our 17 April key messages (see above) and the 4 infographic topics, targeting the public and political figures. We would love to have more member materials to share, so please send links or files to info@eurovia.org with the subject ‘17 April materials’
  • Slogan – “Europe needs more farmers”. This will be used on infographics and to share material on social media.
  • Hashtag – #17April2021 and #NoFutureWithoutFoodSovereignty - To maximise visibility, we will use the same hashtag(s) as LVC
  • 2 press releases – One will be released on 12 April explaining the week and compiling all the materials, and the second will be released on 16 April with the open letter.
  • Echo the actions of LVC and other regions – LVC are encouraging regions to promote peasant seeds, peasants’ rights, migrant workers’ rights, local food, agroecology, public policies for food sovereignty etc, as well as symbolic actions of solidarity. We will share and echo this. More info available here: https://viacampesina.org/en/twenty-five-years-of-peasants-struggles-in-bringing-food-sovereignty-to-reality/

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7 abril 2021 12:00 am

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