Want to know “what is the meaning of agroecology”? Go straight to the source – this video and publication shares agroecology from the perspective of food producers and social movements. Quick links to the films and publication in multiple languages are available here:


Short film:



Long film :


A movement is growing. While agroecology has been practiced for millennia in diverse places around the world, today we are witnessing the mobilisation of transnational social movements to build, defend and strengthen agroecology as the pathway towards a most just, sustainable and viable food and agriculture system. This video explores the meaning, practice and politics of agroecology from a social movement perspective. We have produced two versions of the video – one short and one full length.


An accompanying multi-media article is available here: Building, Defending and Strengthening Agroecology: Global Struggles for Food Sovereignty.


If you want to know more about the video, follow this link.