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General support internship

18 August 2022

Every six months ECVC takes on an intern in general support and coordination. These internships go from September-February and March-August, with recruiting periods around May and December respectively. Applicants must have at least two active languages from French, Spanish and English and preferably be a native speaker of one of those languages

The intern is asked to support the coordination work of the organisation: facilitating the organisation of meetings and conference calls, drafting documents, drafting regular thematic updates, communication work, etc. This internship includes also supporting staff with other tasks such as administrative, logistic, translation and organizational tasks.

Interns should have some experience or active interest in social movements related to farming and food production. Due to the vast and varied nature of the work of ECVC, the work for involves a lot of topics and skills, with scope for individuals to pursue and explore areas of ECVC’s work that is of personal interest to them, as well as learn and develop new skills and interests. Specific task division depends heavily on the calendar of events.