Brussels, 29 August 2019 – Helpless and with indignation we witness the massive burning of one of the largest ecosystems on the planet by the greed of the agro-industry and big business. What’s worse, the Bolsonaro government does not face the serious situation, blaming NGOs, while, on our side, European governments wash their hands, without assuming their own responsibility on the neoliberal policies that favor agro-export and encourage deforestation in the Amazon.


For several years now, the EU has been striving to conclude a free trade agreement with the agro-industrial sector and leaders of Brazil, the very same people who today are responsible for the latest environmental disaster in the Amazon.


The intimidation that the Bolsonaro government conducts against Brazilian environmental agencies and the criminalization of environmental defenders, attempt to suppress any opposition to the expansion of soybean crops and livestock  destined for export and, consequently, to their cheap purchase by the European industrial sector of agriculture and food distribution.


We therefore have no need for the crocodile tears of our European governments. For starters, they need to drop the MERCOSUR-EU trade deal. In order to avoid environmental catastrophes such as the one currently hitting the Amazon, to fight climate change and to defend peasant communities on both sides of the Atlantic, it is essential to support a model of social and sustainable agriculture, based on Food Sovereignty.


We reiterate our support to our comrades of La Via Campesina in Brazil, today, more than ever, in struggle.


Against the advance of neoliberal policies and the plundering of our Commons, ALL UNITED in defense of the Amazon!



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Credit photo : WWF, Porto Velho, RO, Brazil – Michael Dantas