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Towards a UN declaration on the rights of peasants and other people working in rural areas

21 September 2017

In this policy brief, you will get to know why the process towards a Declaration on the rights of peasants and other people working in rural areas aims at creating an international human rights instrument, improving the promotion and protection of their rights and drawing attention to the threats and discrimination suffered by peasants and people involved in small-scale food production across the world.

The current draft declaration is the result of the work undertaken by La Via Campesina (LVC) over more than 15 years, supported by FIAN International and CETIM (Europe Third World Centre), with the support of other social movements. This process has a unique strategy: have the Declaration recognised by the UN, the international human rights governance system, based on issues coming from grassroots peasant movements. Indeed, small-scale peasants belong to the groups who are the most politically oppressed. They are increasingly at risk and are often victims of forced eviction, violence and harassment. Thus, a better recognition and protection of the rights of small peasants is a pressing issue.

Envision the progress towards UNDROP by downloading the full pdf brief.

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