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General position and framework of ECVC on seeds

15 February 2018

Small and often overlooked, seeds are nonetheless at the base of our agriculture and food.

In fact, the selected seeds determine the type of agrarian system, the quality of the food produced and the type of producer who will grow it. Indeed, industrial seeds have all been selected in artificialized and expensive environments. They work better for large-scale monocultures, they are dependent on fertilizers, pesticides and large machines. On the contrary, working with seeds adapted to local context makes it possible to develop a decentralized agricultural model that is sustainable and capable of supplying citizens with quality and quantity. Control over seeds allows control over the entire food chain. Access to peasant seeds, the collective rights to use, produce, preserve, exchange and sell them, as well as the autonomy of peasant seed systems, are major issues for peasant organizations and civil society activists for peasant agroecology and people's food sovereignty.

Reflect on our general position on seeds by downloading the full pdf document.

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