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Lab-grown Proteins: Three Lies and One Big Liar

13 April 2022

To explain the dangers of lab-grown proteins, we have produced a short video and supporting fact document to explain its worries and demands in the coming months.

Lab-grown proteins are a direct threat to food sovereignty, i.e. the right of all citizens to define their own agricultural and food system.

Therefore, we have to urgently speak out against this phenomenon that is creeping onto our plates in Europe, especially because there is a lack of democratic debate around the topic. Instead, European public funding is being used to promote this product; the so-called "meat, fish, milk, cheese, pâté" (alternative) foods do not come from animals yet threaten the existence of livestock farming, a necessary part of our food sovereignty. Given that these foods will be on the market in Europe by the end of 2022, ECVC wants thorough research to be done on their economic, social, environmental and cultural impacts. How will the EU apply the precautionary principle? What regulatory legislation will be implemented?

Take a look to understand why and how to stop lab grown proteins sneaking onto our plates!

Download full publication

EN - Fact sheet on lab-grown proteins

ES - Hoja informativa sobre las proteínas cultivadas en laboratorio

FR - Fiche d'information sur les protéines cultivées en laboratoire