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10 Facts about Peasant Agriculture in Europe

18 July 2017

In Europe, a total of 12,248,000 farms cover 174 million ha of agricultural land and 25 million people are involved in agricultural work. Yet misconceptions and misinformation about farming is spread far and wide. The factsheet makes ten main points, backed up with data and facts:

1. There are many peasants in Europe
2. Small farms feed the people of Europe
3. Small farms create employment
4. Peasants’ agroecological farming uses far less resources
5. Public policies benefit large industrial farms and favor export-led agriculture 6. Who are the losers of public support?
7. Peasants are disappearing and land is concentrating in the hands of a few.
8. Farmers’ income collapses while input industries and the retailer sector get richer with public money.
9. Waged workers, migrants, women and youth are among the most negatively affected by adverse agricultural policies.
10. Against these trends, peasants and their allies are struggling throughout Europe

Read and download below for more insight.

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