Today the Youth Articulation of ECVC has released a Position Document on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Following the latest agreement between the EU Commission, EU Parliament and European Council, the young members of ECVC want to express their opinions, concerns and proposals for the reformed CAP and its application at the national level.


“We fear that the reformed CAP will continue to neglect the real needs of young farmers, and in particular small, agroecological farmers. Moreover, we expect that the CAP will continue to miss one of its main objectives: facilitating the entrance of new farmers (…). The CAP policies significantly affect us, yet we have no say in its reform process. It is not sufficient that the role of young farmers is acknowledged on paper, we want effective policies to support us and the right to participate in decision-making. As there can be no future for EU agriculture without young farmers.”




Pier Francesco Pandolfi de Rinaldis – +39 349 628 2963 – (IT/EN)

Berthe Darras – +41 799 046 374 – (FR/EN)

Jean-Matthieu Thévenot – +33 769 858 553 – (FR/EN/ES)


Download the PDF of the Position Document here.

Download the PDF of the Position Document (summary version) here.