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ECVC denounces the lies of the seed industry regarding new GMOs

3 April 2017

The European Coordination Via Campesina is calling on the European Commission to not absolve new plant breeding techniques from GMO regulation.

Gathered in Rome for their General Assembly, ECVC delegates have taken the position to denounce the lies propagated by biotechnology companies regarding the new GM techniques they like to call “NBTs”, short for New Breeding Techniques.



“Industry pretends that the seeds and animals that are created using these New Breeding Techniques are not GMOs. They try to create confusion, taking advantage of the weakness of European regulation, which was unable to consider techniques that didn’t exist prior to when it was written in 1990” states ECVC’s GA motion.



Guy Kastler, member of La Confédération Paysanne, the French peasants’ union author of the motion, adds that “the lies of the seed industry concerning the true nature of these new GM techniques are designed to eliminate all information available to peasants and consumers about the presence of GMOs, thus pushing them to cultivate, to breed and to eat these GMOs against their will”.



A scientific analysis- and no longer a legal one- on how to interpret these NBTs in relation to EU GMO regulation, is expected imminently from the Scientific Advice Mechanism set up by the European Commission. ECVC along with several other civil society organizations from across Europe already expressed their deep concern on this issue last year in a joint position paper. In the upcoming months, ECVC will, therefore, remain vigilant regarding the on-going process in the European Commission and in the European Court of Justice. ECVC is ready to take action if the verdicts threaten peasants’ and consumers’ right to refuse GMOs.



Read ECVC GA’s full motion on new GMOs here



Read the ECVC position on new GMOs here



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