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CAP: EU legislators must take on the urgent need to change course of current agricultural policy

6 September 2018

The European Coordination Vía Campesina sent its position document and the necessary amendments relating to the legislative proposals of the future CAP to the Members of the European Parliament responsible of agriculture.

The aim: to set the course for the next agricultural policy and to define the agricultural model of the future. For ECVC, this new agricultural model must be sustainable, capable of fostering rural economies and ensuring decent incomes for farmers. Likewise, the future CAP must meet society’s expectations and ensure the transition of all European farms to sustainable models and peasant agroecology, preserve the environment, the climate and ensure quality food for all citizens.


The future European agricultural policy must reaffirm these urgent goals!


Building on food sovereignty, the future CAP must: 1) put in place public policies capable of balancing the markets; 2) guarantee fair prices for peasant-farmers; 3) ensure the distribution of CAP subsidies to small and medium-sized farms, by setting mandatory limits (60,000 euros) for all Member States; 4) make such aid conditional on compliance with environmental and social standards; 5) guarantee a solid second pillar to finance farm transition.


In this sense, and in the last lap of this European Parliament’s term, ECVC will meet with representatives of the main groups in the EP, insisting that this CAP reform is a historic opportunity for EU legislators to change the course of the current agricultural policy towards a policy capable of meeting the social, economic and environmental challenges facing Europe and the planet.



Andoni Garcia (ECVC Coordination Committee): +34 636 4515 69 – ES, EUZ
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