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Bayer-Monsanto-Merger is a challenge and a declaration of war

14 September 2016

AbL Comment on Bayer-Monsanto merger decision

AbL-Comment on merger decision   The critical small-scale farmers and seed movement sees the planned takeover of the US corporation Bayer „as a declaration of war, but also as a challenge to the future path of agriculture“, Georg Janßen, Federal Chair of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft bäuerliche Landwirtschaft (AbL), commented in a first statement.     Janßen continued: "We do not believe in the story of the alleged German model company Bayer taking over the world´s most evil corporation. For Bayer this takeover is about increasing its power in controlling food production from the farmer´s field to the consumer´s plate. This is a challenge to civil society, however, we are prepared".     "Bayer too, has tried to get onto Europe´s field with genetically modified crops, „and has failed thanks to our resistance. Now Bayer is trying to (re-)introduce genetic engineering through the back door again with the so-called new (breeding) techniques – but we will also fight back this time", Janßen announced.     "We small-scale farmers know that we can only lose with the dependency on multinational corporations. We do not want to become cheap raw material producersm that are exchangeable worldwide. Instead, we opt for a socially accepted model of food production free from genetical engineering, respecting the environment and animal welfare and for a quality campaign instead of export dumping destroying small-scale farmers all over the world. These are the challenges laying ahead.“ Janßen added: „In their cartel decison the EU-Commission and Germany´s Federal government have to ask themselves on which side they want to be on. We demand democracy in place of corporate power and opt for the coalition with civil society for healthy food and a small-scale future agriculture."     Published originally by ABL