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Women Farmers defending our rights

26 April 2010

The confederation of rural women (La Confederación de Mujeres del medio rural), CERES, in collaboration with the Women’s Area of the Coordination of Farmers’ and Stockbreeders’ Organisations (COAG), alongside other women members of COAG Extremadura and with the European Coordination Via Campesina, is organising the seminar “Women farmers defending our rights”, which will be held on the 27th, 28th and 29th of April at the Hotel AHC of Cáceres.

At the seminar we will continue our work in analyzing in depth and working on developing a common vision of the situation of a lack of security in their rights that many European women farmers on family farms are facing. We will also continue to exchange information about women farmers’situations in other European countries thanks to presentations that representatives from the organizations present will give.

The conclusions we reach will form the basis for the elaboration of new proposals to be sent to European institutions and to different governments so that, once and for all, the voices of European women farmers are heard. Another goal is the establishment of political measures recognizing our rights as women farmers. Now is the time for governments to change laws. This is necessary so that never again a women farmer working on a family farm will have to go to court to defend her rights as a worker.

Many women from rural organizations will be present. They are representing: Confédération Paysanne (Farmers Confederation) from France, Norsk Bonde – og Smabrukarlag (NBS) from Norway, Österreichische Bergbauern und Bergbäuerinnen Vereinigung (ÖBV-Vía Campesina Austria) from Austria, Confederaçao Nacional da Agricultura (CNA) from Portugal, European Coordination of Via Campesina (CEVC), Çiftçi-sen from Turkey, Sindicato Labrego Galego (SLG-Galician Labour Union) from Galicia, Euskal Herriko Nekazarien Elkartasuna from the Spanish Basque country, COAG Andalucia, AGIM from Madrid, COAG Castilla-Leon, Unión de Agricultores y Ganaderos (UAGA-Union of Farmers and Livestock Farmers) from Aragon, Unión de Ganaderos y Agricultores Montañeses (UGAM-Union of Livestock Farmers and Farmers) from Cantabria, COAG Asturias, COAG Extremadura and the Confederation of Women Rural Workers Ceres.

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