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Solidarity with the Honduran people – Denunciation of the coup d’etat

7 July 2009

From the European Coordination Via Campesina we express our solidarity with the social movements, among others the organizations of Via Campesina in Honduras, that are affected by the attack against democracy of the 28th of June.

We strongly oppose the coup d’etat executed by the military with the support of the oligarchical interests of the country. They have wanted to stop the social policies of the president and the process of the reform of the constitution, against the interests of the Honduran people. At the international level, the UN and diverse Latin American states have expressed their rejection of this action.

The impediment of the return of the democratically chosen president Jose Manuel Zelaya to the country with the recent bloodshed has left the farmers in Europe, men and women, in a state of shock.

In solidarity with and support of our companions of the Via Campesina :

– We demand that the physical integrity of all the demonstrators including the leaders of the Via Campesina be respected.

– We request the reintroduction of the legitimate president Zelaya.

– We request European institutions and governments to put pressure on the present Honduran dictatorship to restore democracy.

– We support the continuation of the democratic process in Honduras.

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