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Solidarity action with Notre-Dame-des-Landes in Romania

14 December 2012

Via Campesina and Romanian activists organized a demonstration at the Cluj Napoca International Airport today in solidarity with the people's resistence at Notre Dame des Landes.

The peaceful demonstration was accompanied by music and messages in different languages such as “Land for food, not for airports” , “Soutien a la ZAD”, “Contra la especulación: ocupación. Somontes resiste” , “Nem Rio Frio, Nem deserto, Nem Notre-Dame-des-Landes”. Together they celebrated local resistance in different corners of the world, and chanted slogans aimed at drawing attention to the destructive impact of industrial projects on the environment, agriculture and local communities: “Des ognions, pas des avions!”, “Des legumes, pas du bitume”.

They also expressed their solidarity with Save Rosia Montana Campaign , the biggest social and environmental movement in Romania. For more than ten years, people in Rosia Montana have been opposing what will become the largest open-cast gold mine in Europe; it is planned by the Romanian-Canadian mining company, Rosia Montana Gold Corporation. If developed, the mining project would mean destroying a total area of 1500ha (including 4 mountains and forests), 740 farms and 140 apartments currently inhabited by the local population and used by small scale farmers, 10 churches, 9 cemeteries, 50 heritage buildings, 7 km of Roman and pre-Roman galleries, 80 km of medieval galleries and would irremediably affect the future of the entire region.

This project is a breach of people’s rights and local people have been resisting on their land. Save Rosia Montana Campaign is actively supported by thousands of activists and citizens, more than 40 non-governmental organizations, universities, researchers and national and international grassroots movements.

The people participating in the demonstration today have come from eight countries: Romania, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Brazil.

For more information about the action, please contact Bogdan Buta, Eco Ruralis, e-mail: bogdan@infomg.ro, tel.: 0040 753 542 345.

For more information about Save Rosia Montana Campaign:


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