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Romania kicks-off Food Sovereignty Process

4 May 2016

The Food Sovereignty Process is kicked-off in Romania : Ecoruralis along with national and international partners joined Romanian peasants in open discussions on fundamental peasants rights, solutions, experiences and challenges on the future of agriculture.

Eco Ruralis, along with national and international partners, organized the event “The Right to Food Sovereignty – Public Peasants Consultation”, on 24th of April, in Bucharest, Romania. Through this event, a national process was launched, with the purpose of creating a national peasant strategy for the future of agriculture and for the fulfillment of food sovereignty. Peasants – men and women came from Brăila, Ialomița, Satu Mare, Giurgiu, Ilfov, Buzău, Neamț, Vâlcea and other counties, took part in the open discussions about fundamental peasants rights, sharing solutions, experiences, problems and opinions about the future of agriculture.


The event benefited from the participation of :
– Genevieve Savigny – European Coordination Via Campesina ECVC
– Sylvia Kay – Transnational Institute TNI.
– Vlad Odobescu – Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism CRJI
– Roxana Bucată – journalist Think Outside the Box
– Aura Hazota and Marius Cobârzan – The Association for Supporting Peasant Farming ASAT Romania


The program of the conference was structured around 4 sessions:
a) Introduction about Food Sovereignty – The importance of peasants men and women, in the Romanian society – The history of the peasant movement in Europe.
b) The right to Land – how are we affected by the farming land grabbing at social, economic and environmental level? The gravity of the phenomenon in Romania and in Europe. The peasant sollutions for farm succession.
c) The right to Seeds – peasant seeds – a sollution for the future of farming and the food crisis.
d) The right to Market about the lack of access to the market for peasants; peasant markets, public procurements for the public food system, short food chains. Good practice examples: ASAT Romania and the Peasant Box.


The detailed program can be seen here:


This consultation process will culminate with the Nyeleni Europe Forum for Food Sovereignty, from 26-30 October 2016, in Cluj Napoca, Romania. The European Forum will unite 1000 participants from over 40 countries from the Pan-European region, including also delegations from other regions of the world. This international event is an enormous opportunity to coordinate the national strategies into one European Food Sovereignty Strategy.


Eco Ruralis will continue the peasant consultations in the following months, as it follows:
– May – Iași,
– June – Cluj Napoca,
– July – Timișoara,
– August – Sâncraiu village, Cluj county
– September – Hosman village – Sibiu county.


For more informations, contact Eco Ruralis at:
Phone/fax: +40 264 599 204. E-mail: ecoruralis@gmail.com. Website: www.ecoruralis.roDavid Francisc st. 10/5, 400102 – Cluj Napoca, Romania




Eco Ruralis is a peasant association, gathering peasants, gardeners and supporters, counting 3000 members, of which 90% are peasants from over 1000 localities, from all the counties in Romania. We envision a society that is environmentally sustainable, economically fair and socially just where peasants are the central part of our food system. Our mission is to support food sovereignty and agroecology and promote peasant, small-scale, family farming as the dominant, preferable method of agriculture in Romania. We will aid the capacity of peasants to collectively defend themselves against unfair and unequal actions taken by corporations and governments. We wish to actively support a movement of young farmers that will preserve traditional farming practices and assert their control over food production and land rights.

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