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Honduras: The EU Has to Stop the Human Rights Violations and the Repression

14 August 2009

Madam President,

We wish to draw your attention to the violent and repressive coup d’état in Honduras.

During the curfew of the night of August 11th , 2009, unidentiefied persons shot with firearms at the Vía Campesina office located in a neighbourhood of Tegucigalpa. This is clearly an act against the social movements opposing the coup d'etat and its leaders. Please note that during the curfew only the police force is authorized to be in the streets.

Moreover, during the day of August 11th, police commandos directed by the army have violently repressed the demonstrators of the largest gathering of Tegucigalpa, on the arrival of the peaceful national march of thousands of Honduran peasants, men and women, which began on August 5th.

For more than 40 days, Honduran civil society, including the peasants, men and women, of Via Campesina, entered in peaceful resistance and experienced violent repression by the putschist authorities. The infringements of human rights, committed by the armed forces of the dictatorship are numerous and increasing: systematic assassinations, arbitrary arrests and persecutions, violence against women and children and against international journalists. Already more than one hundred people have been “disappeared” and 15 assassinations have occured since the beginning of the putsch. Our colleague Rafael Alegría, leader of la Via Campesina in Honduras, has himself been victim of an arbitrary arrest.

Considering these violations, the international community cannot remain quiet. With this letter we ask you to intervene at the UN so that it acts quickly to put an end to this repression. We demand that the democratic regime be reinstated in Honduras.

We ask you to put this topic on the agenda of the next meeting of the subcommittee on human rights and to maintain us informed of the follow up.

Hoping for a positive answer from your side

Yours sincerely,

For the coordinating committee

René Louail Lidia Senra

+33672848792 +34 609845861

Contacts in Honduras : Mabel Marquez (mobile: +504 98871974, office: +504 2322198, e-mail: mabelmarquez07@gmail.com), www.viacampesina.org

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