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Open Letter: the CAP must be socially legitimate

4 March 2013

We know the CAP is in danger unless it is socially legitimate! Here is our message to MEPs;

"Dear Sir or Madam, Members of the European Parliament,

At the March plenary, you will be voting on the 4 reports on the CAP reform 2014-2020.

Hereunder you will find practical guidance for the plenary vote on the most important points on the meaning of social legitimacy of the CAP.
We kindly request you to vote to increase the chances for the survival of small and medium-sized family farms in Europe. They are the basis of European food security, employment, installation of young farmers and continued vitality of the European countryside.

(1) To cap direct payments per farm (article 11)

- To maintain the capping mandatory for the Member States.

- For a capping of total direct payment, including the greening part.

- For a lower threshold at €100,000 instead of 300.000, with limitation of chargeable labor costs by 50% instead of 100%.

(2) Premium for the first hectares (amendment 61)

-Yes to the Comagri amendment that establishes the premium, but a significant amount is needed.

(3) Premium for small farms (articles 47 to 51)

- No to the Comagri amendment that makes the premium optional for Member States (amendment 87).

-Yes to the increase in the ceiling for this premium de 1000 to 1500€ (although it remains too low) (amendment 89).

-Yes to the increase from 15 to 25% of the maximum percentage of the direct payment amount national average (amendment 89).

-Yes to the increase of the maximum farm area from 3 to 5 ha, although it remains too low (amendment 89).

(4) Coupling of direct payments to the production (articles 38-39)

-Yes it is vital to increase the maximum of recoupling by Member State (of 5% to 15%).

- The possibility of recoupling must extend to all productive sectors without discrimination.

(5) Greening (articles 29-33)

- A real crop rotation is needed, including the cultivation of leguminous plants (which improve soil and reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizers) (amendment 78).

- No certification or measure other that organic farming shall exempt from the obligation to apply the “greening"(no the amendment 62 – article 29-paragraphs 3 and 4).

Spokesperson ECVC : Geneviève Savigny + 33 625551687; Hanny Van Geel +31 613903434

Press Contact ECVC: Marzia Rezzin +32 47330"

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