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No to the end of sustainable family farming, Stop Colonial agri-business

11 November 2009

The European Coordination Via Campesina is supporting the campaign led by the Coalition against Agrexo in Italy and France. The implantation project of the Israeli company Agrexco at Sète (France), which has the aim of developing imports of fruit, vegetables and flowers destined for all Northern European countries is against all the values and ideas that our organisation stands for. Contrary to food sovereignty; because of massive importation, the disappearance of small farmers in France and Europe accelerates. Contrary to human and peasant rights; because an immense majority of these products come from Jordan valley colonies, where 7000 colonialists take 95% of Palestinian land and 98% of water expelling the small farmers. In 2002, the European Parliament announced the suspension of association agreements with Israel because of non-respect of human rights by Israel (in Palestine but also in Israel towards Arab Israelis). With reason, the Coalition against Agrexco opposes a political-economical project, which would support a political colony of a state and an agricultural model of exportation and exploitation. The European Coordination Via Campensina reaffirms the need to subdue commercial exchanges and economical agreements for the primacy of human rights and the rights of small-scale farmers. We congratulate the work of the Coalition against Agrexco for bringing together and stimulating solidarity among the different actors concerned in respect of human rights and we support the increased number of coalitions in Europe. Contact: Josie Riffaud : +33613105291

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