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Letter of solidarity from ECVC youth with the farmers from Honduras

23 March 2015

Europe, 15th February 2015 Dear comrades, Estimadas compañeras y compañeros With these lines we express our rage at the latest human right violations and attacks against social activists in Honduras. We see that the violence is intensifying in continuing attempts to destroy the physical and psychological integrity of the peasant communities. Since the military coup d ́etat in 2009 displaced President Manuel Celaya, Honduras has been plunged into a long night of dictatorship. Social movements have been repeatedly targeted by terrorist attacks and violence orchestrated and perpetrated by military and paramilitary groups. The aim of these attacks is to silence the voice of our comrades, peasants pastoralists, traditional fisheries, original communities, and other group that are struggling for an AGRARIAN REFORM and FOOD SOVEREIGNITY, and resisting the current regime. Dozens of people are murdered every day and attacks on media professionals, social activists and peasants are incessant. This time, armed groups fired into the headquarters of La Via Campesina in Honduras. From the Youth movement of European Coordination of La Via Campesina, we express our solidarity with the Hondurean peasant’s movement and with each of their members who have suffered from this violence. It is clear that democracy fell with the military interventions and must be restored. We REPUDIATE all brutal acts of cowardice committed by groups that attack, kill and disappear social activists, journalists and peasants. The Hondurean government is responsible of this situation, and has forsaken the peasants and working people in favor of a system reliant on multinational finance and industry that it maintains with violence. We DEMAND, in support of the demands made by our comrades from LVC Honduras, an immediate investigation and clarification of the facts, followed by the arrest of those responsible for the killings. We ALERT all social movements, organisations and governments of Europe to the seriousness of these events. Through inaction you are accomplices of this state terrorism. We ANNOUNCE that we will be active awaiting news of our comrades and of their families. We from Europe hold the government of Honduras responsible for the violent events and demand this situation to ends immediatly. Comrades of the Hondurean Peasant movement, Globalise the struggle!!! Globalise the hope!!!

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