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Let us not wait till 2013!

22 September 2008

We support the initiative of the EU French Presidency to launch as now the institutional debate on the CAP 2013, before the debate on the future EU budget.

Annecy, September 22nd , 2008 Common Agriculture Policy: Let us not wait till 2013 ! The world and Europe in time of crisis call for urgent course change. For the European Coordination Via Campesina, the fundamental discussion about the future and the content of the agriculture and food policy in the European Union after 2013 has been launched from a long time. The several present global crisis (climate, energy, biodiversity, food prices, finances, migrations,..) change the framework in which the CAP has developed from 30 years. New spaces open: food sovereignty, market regulation, relocating of food production closer to consumers become indispensable to solve these crisis. We support then the initiative of the EU French Presidency to launch as now the institutional debate on the CAP 2013, before the debate on the future EU budget. It is first essential that the EU maintains a common agriculture policy. Some member States and political/economical players want to put an end to the CAP and replace it just by a rural development policy co-funded by the EU. This re-nationalisation of the CAP would benefit only rich Member States, to the detriment of solidarity. The CAP 2003 already has taken that direction. The Annecy Forum « farming for livelihoods » just proved that people want to maintain and develop a sustainable family farming all over Europe and that a deep change of the CAP is needed for that. We want a CAP recognised as legitimate, fair, sustainable and mutually supportive. The next reform, which should be adopted next November, is the opportunity to put the CAP on that way. We call then The EU Agriculture Council to take the following decisions: - To maintain the milk quotas beyond 2015: Member States, like France, which claim for regulation, have here to take clearly their responsibility. - Not to raise annually the milk quotas, what would mean first to drop milk price, to the detriment of producers and for the benefit of dairy industry and big retailers. - Not to abandon the market regulation by replacing it with a "risk management" policy including semi-private insurances: the food price crisis proves that without regulation, there is no food security for all and no farm price stability. - To re-couple the direct payments to the production, - To put a ceiling on direct payments per farm and per work unit on the farm, - To replace the payment floor proposed by the Commission with a lump sum for the very small farms (millions of them exist in Romania, Poland, Italy,....and in all other countries). - To raise the possible deduction by the Member States for the article 68, and not to use it for insurances, but in priority for production sectors in trouble (the EU should also make use of the agriculture funds which are presently not used). The current negotiations for "free"-trade agreements or for "partnership" with many third countries or regions are in contradiction with the maintenance of sustainable family farming here and over there.

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