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Huelva, a story of exploitation and mobilisation.

14 October 2021

This is the story of Fátima, a strawberry picker from Morocco working in Huelva. A story of exploitation and mobilisation.

"You complain, you get fired", that's the message coming from Andalusia's strawberry fields.

On June 17, 2018, at least 200 women took to the streets of Huelva to demonstrate in support of the approximately 100 seasonal workers (mostly Moroccan women) who were sent back to their countries for filing several complaints for sexual offences. Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident. The exploitation of migrant workers is becoming a very common trend on farms. A trend that is based on recruiting the cheapest and most vulnerable categories of society: rural women with children, who can only understand Arabic.

This is Fatima's tough experience in the strawberry fields of Huelva. A comic book illustrated by Annelise Verdier, coordinated in the framework of ECVC by the working group on the rights of rural wage and migrant workers.

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