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Fifty organisations gathered in front of the European agriculture ministers meeting in Cordoba to demand a different agri-food model.

4 September 2023

- More than a hundred people gathered yesterday afternoon in Cordoba to demand a fairer, more sustainable and more respectful food model for the rural world on the occasion of the meeting of EU Agriculture Ministers from 3 to 5 September.

- In the evening, 50 activists placed protest messages on the lighting of the Roman Bridge and projected a banner on the walls of the Mosque of Cordoba.

- In addition, during the weekend before the event, people from all over Spain met in Hornachuelos (Córdoba) to discuss solutions to the agri-food model.

More than a hundred people belonging to more than 50 social, environmental, consumer and agricultural organisations gathered yesterday afternoon in the Plaza del Arco del Puente in Cordoba during the visit of the European Union agriculture ministers to the city's mosque, to demand a fairer, more sustainable and more respectful food system for the rural world.

At the end of the rally, fifty activists modified the lighting of the Roman bridge with stencils in the shape of fruit and vegetables and projected a banner on the walls of the Mosque, to demand changes towards a fair and sustainable agri-food model. With this symbolic action, these groups aim to convey the need for urgent action to bring about a radical change in the agri-food model. In the current context of global climate and ecological crisis, the industrialised and globalised agri-food model, based on the exploitation of nature and people, has shown its vulnerability, for example, to shocks such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine or prolonged droughts. For this reason, the organisations gathered in Cordoba have demanded that European policies be directed towards agroecology, food sovereignty and feminism as the only alternatives capable of feeding the population in a healthy, socially just and environmentally respectful way. We have also called on EU ministers to do everything in their power to ensure that the ongoing transition is fair to people and planet, securing the future of the countryside and its people.

The leaders are in Cordoba for an informal meeting under the title "New technologies for a more sustainable and resilient agriculture", so we took advantage of the meeting to demand the implementation of public policies that move towards an agro-food model based on agroecology and food sovereignty and to leave aside false solutions. The demonstrators carried banners with messages such as "We stand for a fair and sustainable agri-food model", "stop glyphosate" or "agroecology to cool the planet". The rally also featured a batucada and phrases calling for respect for the rural world were chanted throughout the rally.

The collectives wanted to convey to the ministers the need to support small and medium-sized farms, with agroecological management that sustains a living rural world. Industry and distribution must guarantee fair prices, both for those who produce and for those who consume, for which support for short marketing channels and public regulations and infrastructures for small and medium-scale agri-food processing are essential.

In the face of the current climate and biodiversity emergency, the organisations also demand public policies in defence of the territory against macro-projects, such as certain mega-parks for the production of renewable energy, large-scale monocultures or industrial livestock farming, which affect rural populations and undermine the functioning of ecosystems, soil, water, biodiversity and all the ecosystem services they generate. At the same time, we express the urgency of putting an end to the precariousness of work in the industrialised agri-food system, which particularly affects migrants and women and is a scourge for rural dignity.

Other mobilisations In addition to yesterday afternoon's rally, between 31 August and 3 September a meeting for food sovereignty took place in Hornachuelos (Córdoba), in which more than 150 people from organisations from all over Spain took part. The meeting debated the problems and alternatives to the agri-food model and agreed on a roadmap to continue promoting their joint demands.

Among other activities, round table discussions were held on the agro-industrial model and its contribution to the climate crisis, as well as the confluence of territorial struggles with the food sovereignty movement. The conference served as a meeting point for people linked to the food movement, the climate movement, peasant organisations, consumers, scientists, the rural population and the environmental movement, including a representation of the French case with the Uprisings of the Earth and the Confederation Paysanne, who united in defence of the territory and a living rural world.

Signatory organisations:
Adecasal (Asociación de Desarrollo para el Campo de Salamanca y Ledesma)
Amigos de la Tierra
APAEMA (Associació de la Producció Agrària Ecològica de Mallorca)
Canto de Pájaros
Carro de Combate
CECU (Federación de Consumidores y Usuarios CECU)
Coordinadora Estatal STOP Ganadería Industrial
Ecologistas en Acción
Ecomercado de Córdoba
El Enjambre sin Reina
El Verdadero Precio de los Alimentos Mediterráneos
Entre Pueblos
Escuela de Activismo
Extinction Rebellion Málaga
Fundación Entre Tantos
ISEC – Instituto de Sociología y Estudios Campesinos
Justicia Alimentaria
Juventud por el Clima
La Acequia
La Jabonería de la Almendra
La Rendija Mercado Social
Las Delicias del Palacio del Deán
Lo Que Somos
Mad África
Madrid Agroecológico
Observatorio para una Cultura del Territorio
OSALA (Observatorio de Soberanía Alimentaria y Agroecología)
Coalición Por Otra PAC
Pueblos Vivos Cuenca
RAC (Red Agroecológica de Cádiz)
REAS Red de Redes
REAS Navarra/Nafarroa
Red Andaluza Semillas Cultivando Biodiversidad
Revista Soberanía Alimentaria
Ripess (Red Intercontinental de promoción de la Economía Social Solidaria)
Rosa Luxemburg StifTung
SAT (Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores)
SEAE (Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica y Agroecología)
Sindicato Labrego Galego
Supermercados Cooperativos
Ultreia Films
Universidad Rural Paulo Freire, Sierra de Huelva
Vivir la Tierra
Volem Fruita amb Justicia Social

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