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Climate: True problem, false solutions- #4 Climate-Smart Agriculture

3 December 2015

Climate: True problem, false solutions- #4 Climate-Smart Agriculture Climate-Smart Agriculture. On 23 September 2014, at the UN Climate summit convened by Ban Ki-moon in New York, the FAO and World Bank launched the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture. This should enable agriculture output to be increased, agricultural systems' resilience to be strengthened and green house gas emissions to be reduced all at the same time! So, this is what could solve three of the major challenges we are dealing with: feeding the global population, fighting climate change and guaranteeing the sustainability of agricultural systems Really? Using chemicals and GMOs is allowed, as is producing industrial agrofuels. Multinational companies such as Yara (the world leader in fertilizer), Monsanto or Syngenta are indeed major stakeholders in this new international alliance. It is therefore easier for us to understand that Northern and Southern industrial agricultural systems, which are more harmful for the environment, are spared. This alliance supports the development of an agriculture that eliminates peasants by stripping them of their land, their practices and their knowledge. In short, the real objective is to continue and speed up the industrialisation and financialisation of agriculture. Climate-Smart Agriculture is a new tool from multinational companies to generate even more money out of agriculture! Link to (French only) Attac/Conf report Follow us on Facebook and Twitter: @ECVC1 Join the global movement with the hashtags: #EuropeanCoordinationViaCampesina #FoodSovereigntyForClimateJustice #PeasantsCoolThePlanet #COP21

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