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CAP: The Coordination at the European Parliament and Commissioner Ciolos

27 January 2011

CAP Reform 2013: Aired before the European Parliament on the 26th of January and by Commissioner Dacian Ciolos on the 27th, European Coordination Via Campesina has presented proposals for a CAP that would allow many sustainable family farms to keep running and would meet the expectations of society . For Geneviève Savigny, who represented ECVC in the hearing at the European Parliament, market measures and regulation need to be dealt with before dealing with direct payments. Farmers should first and foremost live from the sale of their products, and that is not possible without sectorial supply management or regulation of the market. That is why another option, the “missing option”, shared with our allies at the foodsovcap network, should be added to the three options proposed by the European Commission. This is what we pointed out to Dacian Ciolos. In contrast to COPA, who neither want change in the current unjust distribution of payments nor in the methods of production that are harmful to the environment; ECVC – within the CAP framework proposed by the Commission – has called for a link between payments and work, a meaningful ceiling to payments, a system of payments that favours small-scale farms. The first pillar needs to support modes of production that respect the environment (plant proteins, organic farming, reduction of inputs, etc.). In the current context of speculation on farming products, of price volatility and global food insecurity, the proposals from European Coordination Via Campesina and our allies will prove vital. We shall continue to develop specific proposals before the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission. Contacts : Geneviève Savigny (FR-EN) +33 625551687 Javier Sanchez (ES) +34 609 35 93 80 Gérard Choplin, Bxl team (FR-EN-DE) +32 473257378

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