In the agricultural sector this situation has led to the exploitation of seasonal agricultural workers, with employers profiting from the unfavorable legal condition of undocumented workers, intensifying the race to lower salaries and lower labor standards that in many cases pit national citizens against immigrants.



Considering the already precarious condition of seasonal agricultural workers in Europe, the prospect of their condition worsening raises much concern. The volume of work in these production areas is no longer controlled by the laws of agronomy but only by the demands and responses of the “market”, of distribution, which brings uncertainties and insecurity for seasonal workers (indefinite working time, changing wages…). The massive need for labour in these production zones and the increasing precariousness in certain European areas led to the invention of new migratory policies, an evolution of EU rights, which is in danger of eroding national labour and human rights laws.



ECVC seeks an end to the precariousness of the status of seasonal workers- whether documented or not. The need for seasonal work in the agricultural sector can be satisfied by complying with common legal labour provisions for people employed in a temporary way in this sector. We seek to promote a model of agriculture that respects all its workers and the environment.