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Wine-producing plantation rights: Stop deregulation !

17 October 2012

The Confédération Paysanne and European Coordination of Via Campesina call for mobilization to maintain plantation rights for all wines.

Wine-producing plantation rights: Stop deregulation ! In Palermo (1), on the 21st September, the European Commission finally presented proposals to the Member States and to professional organisations regarding managing Plantation Rights. However, the Commission's attitude is to divide and conquer. It has reconsidered deregulation of plantation rights for PDO and PGI, but remains firm in its desire to completely deregulate wines without geographical indication (IG). The Confédération Paysanne and European Coordination of Via Campesina strongly oppose the Commission's latest "act of force". With the European Parliament Rapporteur Michel Dantin we believe that "this proposal clearly goes against positions expressed by almost all actors concerned over the past months, and suggests either a deep lack of understanding of how the wine market works, or a disguised desire to submit European viticulture to unbridled global competition." Given the professional outcry, the Commissioner Dacian Ciolos, since the Palermo meeting, declared that: "wine, with or without geographical indication needs to be regulated. Liberalisation is not an option" We support this position. Wine growers! By mobilising our professional structures, our regional and European elected representatives we have forced the Commission to reconsider its initial plan for complete deregulation of the European wine-producing economy. The grape harvest is finished; we must now join forces in order to overcome the remaining resistance of the Commission and international trading. The Confédération Paysanne and the European Coordination of Via Campesina support the Assembly of the European Wine-Producing Regions (AREV) (2) , which is organising a meeting in Brussels on 7th November regarding this issue of plantation rights. Contact: Jean-François Chapelle, ECVC High Level Group representative: +33. (0) Confédération Paysanne : www.confederationpaysanne.fr European Coordination Via Campesina : www.eurovia.org (1) 3rd EU High Level meeting on plantation rights (2) http://www.arev.org/

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