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Webinar : EU-level measures for peasant models of livestock farming

27 January 2023

Click here now to register for our webinar to discuss EU-level measures for peasant models of livestock farming with ECVC farmers, EU institutions, civil society and academics.

The EU is at a crossroads: having set overall ambitious objectives in both the Farm to Fork strategy and the EU Green Deal, it is not yet equipped to sufficiently reply to the urgent needs of society and the environment. Livestock is often used as a scapegoat, bearing the brunt of accusations relating to the impact of agriculture. However, it is crucial to recognise the acute differences between peasant livestock farming and the most industrialised livestock production systems. The negative impacts of that latter model are diametrically opposed to the benefits offered by peasant livestock farming. The EU’s decision to go in one direction or another will not only shape the food systems of the coming years, but also the wider EU landscape and society.

There is an urgent need for the EU to transition to genuine social, economic and environmental sustainability. It is time to think about how we can viably move away from industrialised livestock farming models and ensure that in Europe, the type of farming and the number of animals should be compatible with the social and agronomic characteristics of each territory. The relocalisation of animal feed should be a key criterion for this balance. At the same time, farmers must be duly remunerated for the fruits of their labour.

In its latest publication, ECVC states that a re-territorialisation of livestock farming is both beneficial and possible. After exploring the historical processes that led to the extreme transformation of livestock farming in the last decades, the document analyses the different problems faced by the sector, and the need to address them politically. The document concludes with a set of recommendations to achieve the necessary fair transition of livestock farming throughout the EU.

During the webinar, ECVC farmers will discuss their proposals with Mr Wolfgang Burtscher, Director General of DG AGRI, as well as hear the views analysis of scientists and the civil society.


  • - Geneviève Savigny and Andoni Arriola, livestock farmers from ECVC
  • - Mr Wolfgang Burtscher, Director General of DG AGRI
  • - Ms Anne Mottet, Livestock Development officer at FAO
  • - Ms Stanka Becheva, Friends of the Earth Europe
  • - Mr Pablo Manzano, Basque centre for climate change

The webinar is open to the general public and registration is available below. Participants and attendees are invited to ask questions during the event or submit them in advance in the registration form. Interpretation will be provided in EN, ES and FR.

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Agenda - ES

Presentation - Elizabeth Paul and Pierre Maison (ECVC)

Presentation - Pablo Manzano

Presentation - Stanka Becheva

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