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More Farms Across Europe: A Road Map for the Re-Territorialisation of European Food Systems

15 February 2023

Working towards food sovereignty is absolutely crucial in the current context of social difficulties, wars and environmental crises, which is why we wish to ensure that 20 million farmers set up business in the EU by 2040. It is the only way to undertake a viable and fair transition. Join us to discuss the fate of our agriculture from 10am on 7 March. ECVC farmers will speak alongside European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Janusz Wojciechowski, MEPs and other EU officials.

With this event, the collective voice of peasant farmers in Europe will demonstrate the opportunities that increasing the number of farms can offer, to both address the challenges faced in the EU and across the planet, but also achieve the objectives set out in the European Green Deal and especially its Farm To Fork Strategy.

Watch the stream here or directly at https://live.eesc.europa.eu/play/?id=264.

Event details

7 March 2023 10:30 am

European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, Room JDE63

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