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Demonstration in Lisbon

14 June 2021

On 14th June, ECVC members from the Iberian peninsula and beyond will participate in a demonstration in Lisbon, organised by Portuguese member CNA, to defend the interests and rights of small-scale farming and voice their demands  in the context of the informal meeting of the European Union Agriculture Minister, under the presidency of the Portuguese Minister of Agriculture!

  The course of negotiations on the reform of the CAP suggest more difficulties for small-scale farming and more money for large-scale industry actors.   ECVC members, among thousands of farmers, will show the Ministers of the entire European Union our reasons for protest and say "No" to this CAP and the path being followed in the negotiations for its reform for the post-2020 period.   We will defend small-scale farming and life in rural areas, demand fair prices for production, decent incomes for family farms and measures to mitigate the damage caused by wild animals, among other claims and proposals.   We cannot remain silent!   Participate and spread the word!   Learn more about the mobilisation here: https://www.cna.pt/news/show/337      

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14 June 2021 5:27 pm

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