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Civil society organizations call to action during the European Food Sovereignty Week of Action, 10-16 October

14 October 2011

Brussels, 11 October 2011 - On the occasion of World Food Day, October 16, European civil society organizations and movements unite to demand European and global food sovereignty. A European wide week of actions with colourful initiatives on the topics of agriculture and food will be held in several European countries, emphasizing the need for a World Food Sovereignty Day.

This call comes two months after the first European Food Sovereignty Forum “Nyeleni Europe” which took place in Krems, Austria, where more than 400 delegates from all over Europe gathered to discuss and steer action to achieve food sovereignty. Food sovereignty implies and covers a wide range of aspects: the way we produce and consume food, including the type of food we eat, the rights of workers and citizens, the impact of food production on the environment, alternative food distribution systems, participatory research systems, and sovereign and democratic policies, and others. Therefore initiatives promoted for the week of action mobilize around different topics:  land tenure rights and land grabbing ahead of the upcoming Committee on World Food Security (CFS) meetings in Rome  the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Reform proposals, which will be presented on October 12 by the Commission  the call for democracy raised by the indignados movement on October 15, etc Initiatives and organizations which struggle for Food Sovereignty are engaging in a diverse range of actions throughout Europe. In Bulgaria, Romania and France, there will be public meetings on how to implement Food Sovereignty via alternative food distribution models. In Rome, civil society organizations will demonstrate in front of FAO headquarters, denouncing land grabbing and corporate investment. In Brussels and Vienna, street actions will take place, the latter focusing on the unfair conditions imposed on small farmers in the name of free trade. In Switzerland and the UK, public events will promote the Food Sovereignty framework as an alternative to corporate driven agriculture and supermarkets. All these mobilizations express the conviction that Food Sovereignty is not only a step forward towards a change in our food and agricultural systems, but also a step forward towards a broader change in our different societies. From this year on, World Food Sovereignty Day will represent a milestone for European movements and will offer additional opportunities to strengthen actions and cooperative proposals. The detailed list of events is available on the Nyeleni Europe web site. *** For more information please contact: • Luca Colombo, Italian Food Sovereignty Committee, tel. +39 3483988618 (IT, EN) • Stanka Becheva, FoEE, tel. +32 2 8931025 (BG, EN) • Ludwig Rumetshofer, ÖBV-Via Campesina Austria, tel. +43 1 8929400 (DE, EN) • Jocelyn Parot, Urgenci International, tel. +33(0)687044930 (FR, EN) • Anne Gueye, Uniterre, tel. +41 216017467 (FR, EN) • Patrick Mulvany , Clara, tel. +44 7949 575711 (EN) The Steering Committee Members of the Nyeleni Europe Forum for Food Sovereignty

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