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CAP: “Enough is enough”

16 January 2013

European Coordination Via Campesina supports the protest this Saturday, January 19th 2013, in Berlin.

CAP: “Enough is enough” European Coordination Via Campesina supports the protest “Wir haben be satt! “ this Saturday, January 19th 2013, in Berlin. European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) lends its support to the German demonstration taking place on January 19th 2013 in Berlin, in favor of sustainable family farming. This event is co-organized by AbL, a German member of ECVC, and “Meine Landwirtschaft”, a German coalition of civil society organisations. In all European countries, we have had enough of an agricultural policy which continues to eliminate thousands of peasants, whilst access to quality food is far from being ensured for all European citizens, and the environment continues to be harmed. Within the context of the serious financial and social crisis that Europe is experiencing, the CAP post 2013 reform proposal must be more ambitious in terms of creating employment, supporting local agriculture, shortening food supply chains, and “peasant innovation”. To that end, this must include the implementation of a ceiling for subsidies, in addition to support for small farms and agro-ecology. The demonstration in Berlin will allow us to again express loud and clear our proposals to set up a new and essential agricultural and food system, within the framework of food sovereignty. Together with Henrik Mass, from AbL, and Genevieve Savigny, who is a member of the Coordination Committee, a delegation of ECVC will be present and available for interviews during the demonstration. ECVC wishes this protest every success. Press Spokespersons: • Genevieve Savigny (FR -EN) +33 625551687 • Henrik Mass - AbL (DE –EN) +49 1608217015 • Irmi Saltzer - OBV – (DE-EN) +43-699-11 82 76 34

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