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CAP Conference from July 19 / 20

20 July 2010

The European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC)  participated in the CAP 2013 Conference organized by the European Commission in Brussels on July 19 and 20. ECVC is pleased with the orientation of the debates on the part of the plenary and work groups, which preserves the hope of opening the CAP to a veritable recognition of local and familial agricultural production that is considerate of the environment, without adopting prejudice based on final decisions. This event is a source of hope for the farmers. This should be a motivation for us to continue to mobilize and make our voice heard. It is time to realize Food Sovereignty in place of the current paradigm employed by the CAP, that of the rules of international agricultural and agro-food commerce, dictated by the WTO, which has shown itself incapable of responding to the problems of lack of access to food for all, health measures, employment and environmentally sound practice. And in which the farmers, who are entitled to a revenue, are rapidly disappearing. Participants ECVC : Geneviève Savigny (FR,EN): +33625551687 Javier Sanchez (ES) : +34 609359380 Jeanne Verlinden (FR) : +32 497605884 Xavier Delwarte (FR,EN): +32 476423902 Annelies Schorpion (équipe Bxl) (NL,ES,FR,EN) : +32 474847280 Marzia Rezzin (équipe Bxl) (IT,EN,FR,ES) +32 473300156

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