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Call: Join the seventh “We are fed up with agro industry!” demonstration in Berlin

17 January 2017

Agri businesses: Take your hands off our food! Together for healthy food, more rural and ecological farming and fair trade Farming and regional food are at risk. Agri business and the Federal Government of Germany are pushing ahead with the industrialisation of agriculture and food. As a consequence the number of farms is collapsing globally, artisan food products are disappearing, as hundreds of millions of people are suffering from hunger or malnutrition. Meanwhile, pollution, biodiversity loss and the climate crisis becomes more and more crucial.     We want farms instead of agri business! Rather than pulling the rug from beneath the feet of farmers around the world, rural areas need to be re-invigorated with real work and genuine prospects. In 2017, big decisions have to be made: Will billions of citizen’s money be spent propping up the agri-industrial, chemical farming, sprawling monocultural estates and animal factories? Or will regional agriculture and food, as well as animal and environmental protection, be supported? We want a socially just agricultural policy! Small and medium-sized farms must survive. For this we need an agricultural transformation, towards a more rural and more agro-ecological agriculture.     We want healthy food! Pesticides such as glyphosate pollute our food and land, animals are kept in in tortorous conditions and excessive manure spreading contaminates our water. Chemical companies are trying to bring new genetic techniques through the back door into the fields and onto the plates of people around the world. This system benefits big agri businesses at the cost of real farmers. We say stop! We need binding rules for a land and food economy that protects humans, animals, the environment and the climate!     We want democracy, not corporate power! Free trade agreements such as CETA, TTIP and EPAs with African countries will further liberalize the markets and lead to even greater export dependency. These dirty deals are about removing the hard fought protections we have for farm workers, the environment, human and animal health. This leads to dumping exports and to a higher market concentration. Big corporates like Bayer-Monsanto are exercising more and more power over our food - from the seed to the supermarket. The agricultural policies in Berlin and Brussels need to be held responsible for that.     We are farmers, food producers, beekeepers, bakers, gardeners, animal, environmental and nature activists, development workers, critical consumers and committed young people. We are calling on you to join us as we fight for a more rural and ecological agriculture on the 7th international "We are fed up!" demonstration. We need healthy food for everyone! We will make the transformation in food and farming a core political issue in this year. Policies and practices need to change so people and not corporations determine our food. We are fed up!     photo credit: http://www.wir-haben-es-satt.de/

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