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17th of April – International Day of Peasant Struggles

16 April 2009

The 17th of April was declared “International Day of Peasant Struggle” in commemoration of the assassination of 19 Brazilian peasants of the “landless movement” in 1996. The struggle for the recognition of peasants' rights continues. La Via Campesina has been campaigning for a UN Convention on Peasants' Rights since 2000, an instrument which would define and ensure the respect, application and protection of peasants' rights. The judicial actions currently underway against some member organisations in Europe as well as in other parts of the world highlight the urgent need for as well as the importance of this process. Throughout Europe and Worldwide many actions will take place in favour of peasant rights and food sovereignty. Below you can find a non-exhaustive list of the actions in Europe • Austria: 17/04: Supermarket Action Day: decentralised actions all day long organised by ÖBV and AgrarAttac Austria • Belgium : * Brussels and Liège – 17-18/04: Theatre action in the centre of Brussels, debates on food sovereignty and concerts in Liège, inauguration of collective garden; organised by Reclaim the Fields Belgium • France: *Paris - 18-19/04 : International Forum on access to land, organised by Confédération Paysanne and Peuples Solidaires * Toulouse – 18-19/04: “GMOs, biodiversity, alternatives and resistance” organised by the Confédération Paysanne, Stop GMO and Semons la biodiversité-collectifs * 17/04: "One year of food crisis", letter of civil society to French members of parliament, co-signed by the Confédération Paysanne. • Germany: * Mecklenburg-Vorpommen 17-18/06: symbolic land occupation and march against planned industrial pork exploitation, organised by AbL and many other organisations. * Munich - 15/04: " Stop the patent on the poor creature", farmers demonstrate in Munich against patents on animals and seeds, co-organised by AbL. • Italy: * Treviso - 18/04 : G8 Parallel events and actions : Seminar, Press conference, peasant market in Treviso; co-organised by Aiab and ARI. • Norway: * 17/04: publication of letter to Norwegian government against the increased imports of animal feed and for agricultural policies that promote grazing. Organised by NBS and co-signed by several other organisations. • Portugal: * 17/04: press release for food sovereignty and peasant rights, by CNA. • Spanish State: * Zaragoza – 18/04: “ I don’t want GMOs” mobilisation” for OGM-free food and agriculture, organised by COAG, Plataforma Rural and Greenpeace. * Sevilla – 17-18-19/04: “ Defending our rights is not a crime”, assembly against the repression of social and union action and for freedom; Organised by SOC amongst others * Bilbao – 17/04: “Women feed the world” the role of women in applying food sovereignty in practice. This event, to raise the visibility of Rural Women is organised by Ehne, Herriarte in coordination with womens groups of La Via Campesina and World March of Women * Santiago de Compostela -17/04: 17h30- Praza Roxa: Theater, Manifestation, guided visit of Carrefour supermarket on food miles,... Organised by SLG within the Rede Galega Anticapitalista and the Plataforma Galega Antitransxenicos. To see the video: http://gzvideos.info/dia-internacional-da-loita-labrega-accions-da-plataforma-galega-antitransxenicos-e-ra/ • Switzerland: Geneva – 17/04: Press Conference “How to protect the agricultural primary commodities and land from speculation” – “ Let’s break the tabou: prices to producers and prices to consumers”, presentation of the process and new flyer; Organised by Uniterre Neuchatel – 17/04: Press Conference in the morning and in the afternoon, sale of fair flour and milk Jura – 17/04: Distribution of bread and milk. Longo-Maï: information on the denunciation of a large industrial pork exploitation in the North of Germany • Turkey: Istanbul - 17/04: Submisson of the Declaration of the Peasants' Rights to the Human Rights Commission of the National Assembly, panel under the title of “Peasants' Rights: Peasants’ Access to Land, Water and Seeds”, lectures on food sovereignty, variety of open-air activities such as artistic installations, book stands,... Organised by Çiftçi-Sen and faculty of Social Science Student Club of Bogazici University. for more info or to participate, you can contact the member organisations directly

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