Given the continued intensification of the dairy crisis and pushed by producers, an extraordinary meeting will be held in Brussels on May 25 gathering representatives from the main European institutions, political parties, as well as representatives of the dairy sector and experts, to discuss the needed measures to deal with this situation.


For the European Coordination Via Campesina, who will be present, the regulation and other voluntary measures announced in the last EU Council summit do not solve the problem of extra milk surplus and prices below production cost. Only immediate and mandatory public policies aimed at the reduction of production and, on the other hand, the constitution of a crisis prevention mechanism may put an end to the tragedy lived by dairy producers in Europe.


Isabel Vilalba, peasant farmer from Galicia and coordinator of ECVC’s dairy group is among the invited speakers. The discussion can be followed by web stream at this link. You can find the complete program and speakers for this event here:  Hearing on milk production EP