When: 7 February at 11:00 CET                               Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89128288444


In the context of the informal meeting of agriculture ministers in Strasbourg on 7 and 8 February, European Coordination Via Campesina invites the European and national press to attend a virtual press conference to discuss carbon sequestration and more specifically the Commission Communication on carbon farming, a central topic of the ministerial meeting.


ECVC clearly supports the need for major changes in public agricultural policies in order to reach the ambitious and essential climate targets of the Green Deal and build fair and sustainable food systems to fight against climate change.


However, for this transition to happen effectively and to avoid causing even more unexpected climate and social damage, small-scale farmers insist on a proper and holistic agroecological approach including ensuring fair prices for farmers and funding ecosystem services with public and not private funds.


Five speakers from different European agricultural contexts will address this topic, focusing on the various axes of impact of carbon farming.


  • Andoni Garcia Arriola, ECVC Coordinating Committee, member of EHNE Bizkaia and COAG, Basque country and Spain
  • Attila Szocs, ECVC Coordinating Committee, member of Eco Ruralis Romania
  • Xenia Brandt, representative of AbL, Germany
  • Nicolas Girod, Spokesperson for La Confédération paysanne, France
  • Morgan Ody, ECVC Coordinating Committee, and representative of La Confédération paysanne, France

All of the necessary information to join the event can be found below. Interpretation will be available for the event. We look forward to you joining us:


When: 7 February at 11:00 CET

Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89128288444

Contact: alisha@eurovia.org