Date & schedule: on the 23rd of May 2018 from 3pm to 6pm


You can follow the conference live via this link:


Venue: European Parliament – room P4B001


During a time of great uncertainty about the future of the European Union and the challenges that we will need to bear in mind, the debate on the next CAP lays on the table once again.

Which agricultural model and which measures do we need to ensure healthy food for all, guarantee jobs and incomes for farmers and repair the damage done to the environment? So many questions that need answers.


On 23rd May, one week before the presentation of the European Commission’s legal texts on the new CAP and in light of the new European budget, the European Coordination Via Campesina invites you to an afternoon discussion in the European Parliament on the future of the CAP. This is a major conference where those in the frontline, farmers and stockbreeders, will discuss the most delicate and contentious issues concerning the current CAP reform with political representatives from the European Commission and other EU institutions.


The event will gather over a hundred farmers, representing organisations from across Europe, as well as a large array of civil society organisations.


Themes to be discussed during the conference are divided in 3 different panels:

  • for a living rural world
  • trade and market
  • for a sustainable production


You will find the full program here.