This 8th of April 2019 at 3pm – Maison de la Paix
Rue Van Elewyck 35, 1050 Brussels
French, English and Spanish interpretation available


And ACTION on 9/04 at the Schuman Roundabout (BXL) from 14h-15h



All over Europe, migrants face serious human and labour rights violations in the agricultural sector. Several legal provisions in Europe allow national labour legislation to be circumvented, to the benefit of temporary employment agencies, most often to the detriment of workers.


The presence of labour intermediaries is principally linked to production methods and the interests of the agroindustry. The latter, supported by the system of generalised competition in agri-food markets, requires an ever increasing need for a flexible and cheap labour force. As a result, agri-food companies are increasingly using different labour intermediation schemes. In a strong neo-liberal context of agricultural, trade, labour and migrant policies, temporary or seasonal work in rural areas often results in systemic and structural violations of fundamental rights such as the right to a fair income, the right to appropriate working conditions, the right to movement, and the prohibitions of slavery and forced labour.


So, what are the main labour intermediation schemes in European agriculture? What are the roles and functions of intermediaries? How is intermediation the counterpart of exploitation? What actions can we carry out against these systems that instigate the exploitation and isolation of the workforce?


We invite you to explore these questions with us and join us in two moments:


This APRIL 8th at 3pm – Maison de la Paix | Rue Van Elewyck 35, 1050 Brussels

With : Béatrice Mesini – Researcher University of Aix Marseille; Cristina Brovia – Associazione Rurale Italiana, ARI (Italy); Konde Nzita – Unione Sindacale di Base, USB (Italy); Nadia Bousnina – Sindicato de Obreros del Campo (Andalucia); Romain Balandier – La Confédération Paysanne (France). French, English and Spanish interpretation available.


This APRIL 9th from 2pm – 3pm | Schuman Roundabout (BXL)

Convergence action for migrants’ rights with the participants of the Permanent People’s Tribunal and other Belgian and European movements and networks fighting for the respect of migrants’ and refugees’ rights.



Contact: Andres Arce Indacochea – – +32 489 55  2297