Our member from Bask Country, Ehne Bizkaia, has directed a serie of short agroecological trainings from their baserritarras farmers (ES):


Have a look at it here!


1.- Artisanal production in collective canneries


2.- Agro-ecological fruit-growing


3.- Seedbeds. Containers


4.- Seedbeds. Substrates


5.- Seedbeds .Sowing


6.- Soil preparation


7.- Elaboration of handmade bread


8.- Agro-ecological beekeeping. Division of beehives


9.- Production of plants in agro-ecological vegetable garden.


10.- Ecological viticulture 


11.- Elaboration of apple juice and artisan cider.


12.- Production of homemade marmalades


13.- Native tree and plant nursery


14.- Collective project in agro-ecological livestock breeding