In the framework of the revision of the legislation around New Genomic Techniques (a new terminology created in order to avoid using the term GMO), the European Commission asked for feedback on their Inception impact assessment (which exists only in english) relating to the legislation review. ECVC responded to this document with the analysis and recommendations of small and medium-scale farmers, showing them the incoherence of the proposal and urging them to take into account organic and non-GMO agriculture, peasant’s rights, consumers’ right to information and freedom of choice, but also biodiversity and the risks of abusively extending the scope of patents to native plants.


You can download the ECVC contribution to this consultation here.
We strongly invite you to contribute yourself to this consultation. You can use our contribution as a base to develop your response.


You can also download our full analysis, which we put in annex of the consultation, summarizing ECVC’s position on a possible GMO legislation reform here.