The European Commission is currently, as requested by the European Council (, carrying out a study on new genomic techniques (new GMOs). Within the framework of this study, different stakeholders, including ECVC, have been asked to reply to a specific questionnaire prepared by the EC.


You can find here ECVC’s reply to the questionnaire to the study.


For ECVC, it is of vital importance that the current EU GMO legislation is maintained and well implemented, especially in the framework of the current farm to fork strategy developed by the EU.


As to new GMOs, the only way to ensure that these techniques do not threaten farmers’ rights to seeds is for NGT-derived organisms to be regulated, as indicated by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), as GMOs under the current legislative framework (i.e. Directive 2001/18/EC, Regulation (EC) 1829/2003, Regulation (EC) 1830/2003 and Directive 2009/41/EC).